Security holes and vulnerabilities have the potential to break down your communications-based infrastructure. If unauthorized users find their way into your company's network, you could lose precious resources, proprietary data, even personal account information.
ThornScan service is an external security auditing tool that performs a complete analysis of your servers, computers, firewalls and routers. ThornScan can find:
Security holes associated with misconfigured or unconfigured networks
Gaps in firewalls and provide further lockdown and configuration of the network
Unprotected hardware and recommend fixes
Unnecessary services and applications running on servers like Anonymous FTP
Empty passwords to the database server, or Windows® Shared folders
Services needing patches or updates
Exploits to the operating system (Microsoft Windows, Linux or Solaris)
A full report of your ThornScan security audit includes detailed descriptions of the network scanned, open ports findings and vulnerability reports. These vulnerabilities will be classified in three different risk levels: high, medium and low. Compromised systems will receive immediate attention. Thorn will recommend specific solutions, fixes, patches and updates. This report will summarize potential threats and vulnerabilities that could lead to further attacks.
A brief report of your ThornScan security audit includes a description of the network scanned, open ports findings, operating systems that are running on the network, and a summary. This report will determine if your network is found to be insecure and open to attacks.
For add-on services see: Security Solutions, Thorn MailScan
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